Le Stanze del Gattopardo

Le Stanze del Gattopardo is a ceramic atelier where the arts and crafts join together.
The skilful artists make hand painted decorative objects, tiles, "albarello" vases and many of the original pieces in the style and tradition of the XVII and XVIII century, Sicilian patterns and they restore antique tiles and mosaics.

Ever since, architect Antonio José Pantuso became the artistic director and head of Project and Development, he has been providing technical advice for the restoration of residential, commercial and historical buildings. His classical Mediterranean background allows him to come up with exclusive designs and contemporary solutions.

His recent projects are:

  • restoration of the first and second tier of balconies, including the Royal balcony of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo
  • restoration of the exterior tiled panel of the Church of San Ciro in Marineo
  • technical consultancy for the restoration of a tiled panel, part of the Vignicella monumental area, commissioned by the Fine Arts Superintendence of Palermo
  • restoration and replacement of floors and walls of Palazzo Sambuca, Palazzo Vannucchi, Palazzo Pantelleria and many others in Palermo
  • restoration and replacement of missing pieces of floors of a medieval village in Cognac, France
  • some restoration works of Palazzo del Gattopardo in S. Margherita Belice
  • floors and decoration of "Viaggio Restaurant" in Moscow, Russia
  • floors and decorations of the palace "Ordine dei Medici" in Palermo
  • floors of the Church of Sant’Alessandro at the Kalsa in Palermo
  • participation at Harrods "Desing and Tradition" in London, U.K.
AwardsLe Stanze del Gattopardo has been mentioned in the guidebook "Rover-guide of the best in Italy" as a unique atelier, much like Venini in Venice and Ferragamo in Florence, business of "hand-made" tradition that has made their products recognizable at first glance.